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DCLOGORedDevoncourt Holidays Letting Agency

DSC00034operates a holiday & winter letting service

The agency employed trained skilled staff:- 

to offer web based services providing information,  enquiries,  emails.

to take booking enquiries,        make provisional and firm booking,

to take deposits payment         to take payment in full

to offer payment methods      to greet customers on arrival

to look after residents            to clean the flat after a holiday let

to carry out minor repairs        to provide a winter close-up service

to provide a winter regular inspection of the flat internally.           


Devoncourt Holidays set the holiday tariff and winter letting rental.

These tariffs are competitive and designed to maximise rental income, whilst at the same time carefully considering the local competition


Discount are offered to previous holiday makers, early, and last minute bookings. Occasionally where a week is experiencing poor sales, further discounts will be offered to maximise capacity. We aim to achieve a 20 week minimum fill (subject to owner’s usage)


Bookings allocated with no allegiance, or favouritism or the like, to any particular flat. Each flat has its own special merit [eg. ground floor]. Often holiday makers request a particular flat, All booking are made through Devoncourt Holidays. The office is open during normal office hour and during the evenings subject to availability.


We place advertisements, in publications, periodicals, pages on the web, etc to generate as many holiday booking as possible.


For this service we charge a 20% commission of any letting.

Rents received [annually between £5-7000] are paid quarterly, to you, 30 days after the quarter end, March June Sept Dec., less commission and charges.



We offer a TV hire-rental.  We offer a full internal maintenance chargeable service, plumbing, electrical, painting and decorating, , new shower unit. emergency repairs etc. We will contact you before undertaking and major repair/replacement i.e. new fridge.  Small items e.g. tap washers kettles will be repaired/replaced immediately and the cost will be deducted from your quarterly income.

We care for you.                                                 All terms – prices  quoted may be subject to change


Maintenance of your flat - internal.

DCH & Property Services Co. can carry out internal work for you at competitive rates.

1. Redecoration internal - and balcony, of your flat.

2. Re-carpeting your flat - and balcony, or re-flooring

3. Plumbing and electrical repairs - emergency or planned work.

4. Installation of new equipment and removal of old equipment (ie cooker)

5. Planning and installation of a new kitchen

6. Planning and installation of a new bathroom and shower cubical

7. Replacement shower, or water heater, or fixed heating appliances, and leak repair.

8. The supervision of delivery of new furniture and installation/making flat pack.

9. Replacement or renewal of Electric consumer unit and metering, and supply failure.

10. Any other work as and when required, at your request.

DCH & PS labour charge during working hours is £20p.h.

Emergency call-out work [after office hours] is charged at £50 for the first hour and then £25 p. h. thereafter.

Links:-  Holiday rental income   Service charges  Insurance

Emergency contact number is 07802 403289