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Our flats are a purpose built block of flats which was built in 1962 with access to the rear of the property.

The nearest bus stop is outside to the left of the flats in the Winston Churchill Grounds overlooking to sea. 

The nearest train station Paignton is 5 miles away; there are taxis at the station or buses [No. 12] every 12 minutes into Brixham.   

The nearest Airport is Exeter which is 45 miles away; there are taxis at the airport or buses into Exeter and then transfer to bus into Brixham.

It is also possible to travel by boat from Torquay to Brixham on the Western Lady ferry, which runs every hour in the main holiday season.  

Car Parking Facilities

We have our own private car park on three levels, with security lighting at night.

                             At the front spaces for five cars

                             At the rear spaces for nineteen cars.

The lower rear car park has level access to the reception office. Luggage can be unloaded here.

Access to the rear car park is up the slop on the east side of the building.

There are no fixed spaces, your can park where ever you like. There is only one car parking space per flat.

Extra spaces can be purchased in the Marina Multi-storey car park two minutes walk away.

Pedestrian Access

Access to the premises from the public road is by our private drive,

sloping up to our private car parks.

The slope is easily managed by a person in normal health but does present some

difficulty for a person in a wheel chair. They will need two person pushing assistance.

It is possible to hire electric wheelchairs from a local supplier. We can organise this for you.

There is a small slope from the lower level rear car park up the upper level car park.

All flats are accessed by steps from the car  park

Main Entrance

The main entrance has a small step 10cm height to the porch and another to the  door sill.

The front door has a security lock which requires the input of a code to unlock to main entrance door to gain entrance to the building.

Individual apartment door keys are held inside the main entrance.

Upon entry, inside, at the main entrance, the reception office is on the left.

Inside a flat

Once inside your flat everything in on the level. All door are 30" wide.

Access to your balcony is by exiting a double glazed door over a door sill stepping down 8"

Most flats have an electric shower over the bath, requiring climbing over the bath to have a shower, or a shower cubical which you step into..

The shower can get hot and should be tested by hand before entering the shower.

Flushing the toilet, or running a tap in the flat can alter the temperature of the shower. Do not flush the toliet or turn on a tap while using the shower

Always use a bath mat in the bath when showering. to avoid slips and falls

Entrance  Flat 1, 8, 15,   22 & 23.

These flats are accessed through the main entrance near the office - middle car park - coded entrance

five steps lead down to Flat 1 and flat 22 (ground floor)

five steps lead up to Flat 8 and flat 23 (middle floor)

a further five steps lead up to Flat 15  (top floor)

Entrance Flat 6 and 7 only.

There is a side entrance to the ground floor from the top of the drive.

This entrance gives an almost level access to flats 6  and 7 stepping up over a door sill, after a slope up from the drive way.

Entrance Flats  2, 3, 9, 10, 16 & 17

These flats are accessed through their own entrance (first stairs) - middle car park -

five steps lead down to flat 2 and flat 3 (ground floor)

seven steps lead up to flat 9 and flat 10 (middle floor)

a further seven steps lead up to Flat 16 and flat 17  (top floor)

Entrance Flat 4, 5, 11, 12, 18,19.

these flats are accessed through their own (middle stairs) entrance - middle car park -

five steps lead down to flat 4 and flat 5 (ground floor)

seven steps lead up to flat 11,12, (middle floor)

a further seven steps lead up to flat 18,19 (top floor)

Entrance Flat 12a, 14, 20, 21.

these flats are accessed through their own (end stairs) entrance - middle car park -

seven steps lead up to flat 12a,14, (middle floor)

a further seven steps lead up to flat 20,21 (top floor)


To the left of the flats, in the Winston Memorial Ground is a bus stop ( 20meters)

Busses run to the town central bus station every twenty minutes.


The local Co-op will deliver your shopping to your flat door at a pre-arranged time.

for further help and advice please email   :- or telephone 07802403289


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